Himalayan Flavors

Himalayan Flavors is one of the best Indian restaurants which serves delicious and authentic Indian and Nepali food. Every item on our menu offers scrumptious and mouth watering dishes. Our guests can also enjoy dine-in with drinks in our charming and welcoming ambience. We also offer gluten-free and vegan choices which are nourishing and full of flavors. If you want to experience the best Indian and Nepali food in town, Himalayan Flavors is here to serve you.

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Featured Items

Our menu offers variations and the cuisines are really promising. It is an ideal place to enjoy food and have a good time with your friends and family. Chicken momo, chicken tikka masala and masala tea are among the must-try items from our menu.

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Our Full Menu

We offer a wide variety of choices of items at a very reasonable price. From mouth-filling appetizers to delicious main dishes accompanying it with side dishes along with our luscious dessert. We serve it all.


First-course meal which brings pleasurable explosion to your taste buds.

Main Dishes

Consist of several courses which fill not only your stomach but also your heart.

Side Dishes

Starchy food to complement your main dish.


Experience our rich in taste and flavorful dessert that will leave you drooling.


Our Upcoming Events

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Our High Quality Ingredients

Fresh ingredients are only used while preparing food. We take pride in the quality of meat and vegetables that we use in our every dish. We use the perfect balance of fresh spices and herbs to bring tantalizing flavors in each dish. Nothing is spared in presenting the best quality meals to your table.